Cyber Enhanced Canine

Search and rescue (SAR) dogs perform well in finding victims within 72h in disaster sites. The SAR dogs can tell us the location of victims by continuous barks. However, it is not sufficient for triage, which requires not only the location but also the victims' number, their states, and circumstance. Handlers have to memorize the dogs' activities and covey the information to other staff by verbal communication and hand-written memorandum. In this research, we propose a method of recording and visualizing the SAR dogs' activities by using robot technologies. These data can prove the efficiency of the SAR dogs' investigation.

Wearable Devices for Recording SAR Dogs

We developed recording suits for large and middle size (15-30kg)  dogs. They are so light (less than 10% of the dogs' weight) that the SAR dogs can wear over an hour. The suits were equipped with GPS, camera, and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Handlers can confirm the video streams and dogs' positions by remote devices.

Evaluation with Japan Rescue Dog Association (JRDA)

The SAR dogs' recording suits have been evaluated in collaboration with Japan Rescue Dog Association (JRDA). The suits' weight and camera position were decided from the discussion with JRDA.

* Yuichi Komori, Takuaki Fujieda, Kazunori Ohno, Takahiro Suzuki, Satoshi Tadokoro, "Detection of Continuous Barking Actions from Search and Rescue Dogs' Activities Data", International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, pp. 630--635, 2015.

Trajectory Estimation Using Dogs’ Gait

GPS often fail to measure SAR dog’s trajectory near buildings and in forests. Therefore, sensor fusion technique is used to estimate continuous trajectory. The continuous trajectory can be estimated by using characteristics of dog's gaits. Extended kalman filter was used for fusion of GPS and IMU data based on the gaits.

* Naoki Sakaguhi, Kazunori Ohno, Eijiro Takeuchi, Satoshi Tadokoro, "Precise Velocity Estimation for Dog using Its Gait", The 9th International Conference on Field and Service Robotics, 2013.

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2016.07.14 EuroHaptics2016 7月4~7日にロンドンで開催されたEuroHaptics2016にて,当研究室の永野助教が発表しました.
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2016.05.25 ImPACT-TRC第2回フィールド評価会 下記の日程・場所でImPACTタフ・ロボティクス・チャレンジ第2回フィールド評価会(田所 諭 PM)が行われます。一般の方も申し込み頂ければ見学参加が可能ですので、ぜひお越しください。申し込みは以下の
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2016.04.11 Student Innovation Challenge at HS2016にてPeople's Choice賞を受賞 国際会議IEEE Haptics Symposium 2016において開催された学生のアイデア技術コンテストStudent Innovation Challengeにおいて出展した作品&nb
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2016.04.05 田所・昆陽研究室へ進学を希望されている方へ 田所・昆陽研究室に進学を希望されている方へのご連絡です. 研究室紹介を4月8日に行います. 研究内容や大学院入試の説明をする予定となっております.4月5日までに連絡をいただいていない方で参加を希望
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2016.04.01 2016年度新任教員 2016年4月から特任助教1名,産学連携研究員2名が田所研究室に着任しました. 特任助教 小松洋音 産学連携研究員 安部祐一,濱田龍之介
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2016.03.04 研究室一般公開 3月16日から18日まで東北大学機械知能・航空工学科の研究室が一般公開されます。  一般公開
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