2008 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics

SSRR 2008

Aoba Memorial Hall, Tohoku University Aobayama Campus, Sendai, Japan
October 21-24, 2008

Paper Submission

Important Dates

AUGUST 13, 2008 Notification of Acceptance
AUGUST 31,2008 Final Papers Due

How to Submit Papers

Full Papers should be submitted by e-mail to ssrr2008<at>rm.is.tohoku.ac.jp in PDF format. Six camera-ready pages including figures are allowed for each paper. A maximum of two additional pages are permitted at an extra charge of JYE10,000 per page.  The extra charge should be paid on site by cash.

Paper Templates

Please follow one of the templates below closely. Papers failing to meet the correct format may cause your paper to be rejected.

Paper Format

Papers should be submitted on 8 1/2" x 11" page format in two column format with a top and bottom margin of 1" (25.4 mm), left and right margins at .63" (15.88 mm) each, and with at least .25" (6.34 mm) between columns. It is imperative that nothing appear outside of these margins on a page. Do not number the pages. If you only have A4 paper make sure to stay within the specified bounds, measured from the top left corner.

Major headings should be placed in capitals in the center of the column, 10 point, Times New Roman Font, numbered using roman numerals. Subheadings should be numbered using alphabetic numbering, set in italics and placed flush on the left-hand margin of the column on a separate line.

List and number all bibliographical references at the end of the paper. When referring to them in the text, type the corresponding reference number in square brackets [1]. In general, all references must be available to the readers from the open literature. References to proprietary manuscripts, e.g. internal reports, should be avoided. An example of the proposed format for the list of references is given in what follows:
[1] Author, A.B. Title of Book . New York: NIST Press, 1993, ch. 6, pp. 23-35.
[2] Author, J.Q. "Title of Paper," Journal , vol. 10, pp. 1-20, 1995.
[3] Author, G.H. "Title of Paper," in Proceedings of the Conference, 1994, pp. 10-14.

When numbering equations, enclose numbers in parentheses and place flush with right-hand margin of the column. e=mc 2 (1) where (1) goes flush with right-hand margin of the column

A brief abstract (two column format) should be included as the first paragraph of the paper. Keywords should be placed after the abstract. The word Keywords followed by a colon, should be in 10 point, bold italic Times New Roman Font. The text of the keywords will be in 9 point, italic Times New Roman Font.

Use only standard symbols and unit abbreviations. The use of the International System of Units (SI units) is advocated. Define any acronyms the first time they appear.

Style Guide