Mobile Robots

Technologies for Next Generation Vehicles and Autonomous Mobile Robots

We have developed base technologies for next generation vehicles and autonomous mobile robots. The necessary element technologies for mobile robot are motion planning, 3-D measurement using LIDAR, environment recognition, and position estimation using stochastic approach.

NEDO Intelligent RT Software Project

We have developed intelligent modules of autonomous mobile robots by using the RT-Middleware. Configuration of sensors and motors are changed according to types of mobile robot, environments, cost, and etc. The intelligent modules can easily change the configuration of the sensors and the motors. By using the intelligent modules, different types of mobile robot can estimate its position and can avoid obstacles during the navigation.

Tsukuba Challenge

We have taken part in Tsukuba challenge from 2007, which is a real world robot challenge of autonomous navigation in Tsukuba city.

Autonomous Driving of Electric Vehicle

We have developed small electric vehicles and its autonomy for realizing autonomous driving cars at public roadways in Tohoku university campus and Sendai city.


Evaluation of Maneuvering Capability and Safeness of the Cycling Wheelcair

We have researched to make rehabilitation using the cycling wheelchair more familiar.

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