Inventing Robotic Mechanisms (基調講演)

○多田隈 建二郎

Toroidal Origami Monotrack: Mechanism to Realize Smooth Driving and Bending for Closed-Skin-Drive Robots

○渡辺 将広


Experimental Study of the Mechanical Properties of a Spherical Parallel Link Mechanism with Arc Prismatic Pairs

○西城 直人(2022年3月 博士前期課程修了生)


LayoutSLAM: Object Layout Based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Reducing Object Map Distortion

○軍司 健太


Loading an Autonomous Large-Scale Dump Truck: Path Planning Based on Motion Data from Human-Operated Construction Vehicles

○大野 和則


Cooperative Towing by Multi-Robot System That Maintains Welding Cable in Optimized Shape

○鈴木 崚太(2022年3月 博士前期課程修了生)


Anisotropic-Stiffness Belt in Mono Wheeled Flexible Track for Rough Terrain Locomotion

○小澤 悠