2018年10月1-5日にスペインMadridにて開催されたIROS2018にて,当研究室の田所教授,昆陽准教授,大野准教授,安部助教,Thomas Westfechtel,石井昭裕,西野間洋之が発表しました.



・Technical Program

Akihiro Ishii, et al., "Design and Development of Biaxial Active Nozzle with Flexible Flow Channel for Air Floating Active Scope Camera"  .
Thomas Westfechtel, et al., "Parking Spot Estimation and Mapping Method for Mobile Robots" 
*Oral session
Satoshi Tadokoro, "Overview of ImPACT Tough Robotics Challenge and Strategy for Social Innovation"
Masashi Konyo, "ImPACT-TRC Thin Serpentine Robot Platform for Urban Search and Rescue"
Kazunori Ohno, "Cyber-Enhanced Canine"
*Poster session
Hiroyuki Nishinoma et al., "Cyber rescue canine, digitally empowered rescue dogs"
Yuichi Ambe et al., "Serpentine robots for search in debris"