2017年6月6-9日にドイツのミュンヘンにて開催されたIEEE World Haptics 2017にて,当研究室の永野光特任助教,Dennis Babu,Cao Nan,Daniel Gongoraが発表しました.


永野 光, "Tactile Discrimination of Envelope and Carrier Frequencies of Vibration"
Dennis Babu, "Introducing Finger Posture Effects in Contact Mechanics: An Extended Stick-Slip Model Incorporating Finger Stiffness"
Cao Nan , "Envelope Effect Study on Collision Vibration Perception through Investigating Just Noticeable Difference of Time Constant"
Daniel Marcell Gongora Flores , "Vibrotactile Rendering of Camera Motion for Bimanual Experience of First-Person View Videos"