2016年10月23-27日にスイスLausanne, EPFLにて開催されたSSRR2016にて,当研究室の安部祐一,藤浪拓海,高根英里,藤田政宏が発表しました.


安部祐一,"Use of Active Scope Camera in the Kumamoto Earthquake to Investigate Collapsed Houses"

藤浪拓海,"Real-Time Display of Onboard Spherical Images That Synchronizes Head Pose of Operator for Robotic Search"

高根英里,"Two Axes Orthogonal Drive Transmission for Omnidirectional Crawler with Surface Contact"

藤田政宏,"Variable Inner Volume Mechanism for Soft and Robust Gripping ― Improvement of Grasping Performance for Large-Object Gripping ―"